Nearly 1,000 RMC student cadets disciplined for off-campus attire violation

Click to play video 'Nearly 1000 RMC student-cadets facing loss of some privileges' Nearly 1000 RMC student-cadets facing loss of some privileges
First-year student cadets who violated Royal Military College's off-campus attire protocol are facing a loss of privileges – Mar 5, 2018

Student cadets at Royal Military College are required to wear their uniforms on campus, and when they venture off-campus, they’re expected to adhere to the school’s “smart casual” attire protocol.

“Collared shirt, pants looking very professional,” naval cadet Travis Verbeek said of the college’s “smart casual” dress code.

“The only limitations we put on it this year were ‘no jeans,’ which in my personal opinion is a very simple directive.”

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But apparently not simple enough for some first-year cadets, which has led to a loss of privileges — those include the ability to leave campus, or having to wear the traditional uniform at all times when outside of the barracks.

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RMC officials won’t disclose exactly how many student-cadets violated the off-campus attire protocol, but have said that all of the approximately 1,000 undergraduate cadets, even those who did not violate protocol, have been subjected to the loss of privileges.

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“If you’re going out in a group of friends, and you see an individual in your group breaking the rules, you have to hold them accountable and change them,” officer cadet, Patrick Allard, said. “If not, you’re helping them break the rules.”

Student cadets should regain privileges by Friday, as long as no one violates protocol before then.