Fred Penner returns to Peterborough for free family concert

WATCH ABOVE: Canadian kids' music icon Fred Penner performs at Lansdowne Place in Peterborough.

Veteran Canadian children’s singer-songwriter Fred Penner took Peterborough fans down memory lane on Saturday afternoon.

“I remember listening to his stuff — I used to have a little record player in my room and my parents would put it on,” said fan Will Pridham.

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Penner has been recording and performing children’s music since 1979. Best known for his playful tune “The Cat Came Back,” the folk-influenced singer-songwriter has left a lasting impression on generations, as those who grew up with his music now share it with their own kids.

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“It was a great, great day,” Penner enthused. “I love Peterborough — it’s really a delight coming back here again and playing at the folk festival a couple of times in the past. Hope to be back again for that.”

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His message to his fans is always the same — we are all in this together.

“The songs are about humanity, they are about sharing [and] communication; they are not specific to any time of life. They’re only specific to the humans — to the human energy and the importance of being together as a family,” Penner explained.

The two-time Juno Award winner most recently took home the Best Children’s Record award at the 2017 Canadian Folk Music Awards. Despite performing for the past three decades and also hosting a popular kids’ television series for several years, he’s as in demand as ever, touring and playing his music for fans across the country.

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“I’m travelling to festivals from coast to coast — I’m playing Canada day in Waterloo this year,” Penner said.

Local families said they didn’t want to miss an opportunity to see Penner live with their kids.

“We grew up with Fred Penner — he is such a peaceful, wonderful, loving musician and we want our son to experience it just like we did when we were young,” Peterborough mother Meaghan Toll said.