Pink Shirt Day goes big league with support from Oakland A’s pitcher Liam Hendriks

Players with the MLB Oakland Athletics donned "Nice needs no filter" shirts in support of Pink Shird Day on Wednesday. Oakland Athletics / Twitter

Pink Shirt Day has grown into a national anti-bullying event in the 11 years since a pair of Nova Scotia students wore pink shirts to school to support a classmate who was being bullied,

That message has also started seeping outside of Canada’s borders — and on Wednesday, the initiative hit a home run.

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Oakland Athletics pitcher Liam Hendriks and his wife Kristi obtained 50 “Nice Needs No Filter” shirts for Pink Shirt Day 2018 so that players and their wives can help spread the message.

On Wednesday, they donned the gear in support of the cause.

“Earlier today, Liam Hendriks and his wife Kristi handed out pink ‘Nice Needs No Filter’ shirts in support of CKNW Children’s Charities and their fight against cyberbullying,” the team tweeted.

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Speaking with ProTVSports, Hendriks said he and his wife had both experienced online harassment, and that they understand how it can affect people.

“We’re trying to make people that people aware that the words they say online have meaning, and they can’t just sit behind a keyboard and get away with it,” he said.

“Reaching out is never a show of weakness, no one is ever going to think less of you, especially not us,” he added.

Hendriks and the A’s caught on to Pink Shirt day through his wife Kristi, who is Canadian and learned about the initiative through friends.

You can find out more about Pink Shirt Day, the charities it supports and how to become involved here.