SaskPower under fire after complaints of an inappropriate memo sent to managers

SaskPower is apologizing to their staff after receiving complaints of an inappropriate memo sent out to all managers. File Photo / Global News

SaskPower is apologizing after a memo using inappropriate language was sent out to managers.

On Feb 7, a memo titled, “Can You See Me Now? 6 Steps to Becoming a More Visible Leader,” was sent out to managers.

In a section titled, “Be Empathetic,” the document explains how managers should deal with employees who might be worried or angry.

The inappropriate line reads, “These legitimate concerns will influence what people hear and how they respond, so be ready for this and react appropriately. But remember, you are the leader – so no ‘going native’.”

Global News received the memo, in addition to a letter highlighting racism and discrimination from a person wishing to remain anonymous, with intent to help be a voice in racism and discrimination at the SaskPower Corporation.

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The anonymous person stated that after reading the memo, they were left “shocked, appalled and sickened,” that “SaskPower employees and Saskatchewan residents deserve better than this” and asked for an apology from the SaskPower Leadership.

SaskPower said the memo was produced by a third party.

In a statement to Global News, SaskPower president and CEO Mike Marsh said, “The language used in the third-party article was unacceptable. We never intended to cause offense and we sincerely apologize to those the article offended. We are investigating internally exactly how this happened and will address it to make sure it never does again.”

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, “going native” is an idiom used to describe a person in a foreign country who begins to “live and/or dress like the people who live there.”

Below is the memo that was sent to SaskPower managers:


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