Residents near Mississauga’s Credit River ‘encouraged’ to evacuate due to increased water levels

Residents in Mississauga deal with high water levels on Feb. 21, 2018. Jeremy Cohn/Global News

Residents near the Credit River in Mississauga are being encouraged to evacuate by city officials, due to increased water levels Wednesday afternoon being caused by an ice and debris jam.

The increasing levels have caused flooding north of Old Derry Road and west of Second Line, the city said in a press release.

“Residents in the area east of the Credit River in the vicinity of Old Derry Road and Second Line West are encouraged to evacuate their homes as a precaution,” the statement read.

Willow Lane, Barberry Lane, Old Mill Lane, Pond Street and a portion of the Historic Trail up to Upper River Court are also in the recommended evacuation area.

Several homes in the area reported flooded basements overnight Wednesday due to the rising water levels caused by the river that was blocked by debris, melting ice and snow.

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City officials said water levels began rising Tuesday.

Credit Valley Conservation said over 30 millimetres of rain fell since Tuesday and another 20 millimetres is expected before the end of the day on Wednesday. A flood warning is in effect for the area.

“Ice in the Credit River may begin to break up as water levels approach bankfull which will increase the potential for flooding due to ice jams,” officials said in an advisory.

“Formation of ice jams may be possible from Inglewood to Norval, Churchville and Meadowvale to Streetsville.”

The public is reminded to exercise extreme caution around all water bodies.

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