Burglar knocks accomplice unconscious during failed break-in

Crime fail: Burglar knocks out accomplice to bring break-in to an abrupt end
WATCH ABOVE: Burglar knocks out accomplice, bringing break-in to an abrupt end

A pair of would-be robbers in Shanghai have become internet stars after video of their failed break-in was shared online.

Video released by the Shanghai Public Security Bureau shows two men approach a business with bricks in their hands.

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One of the suspects unsuccessfully throws a brick in an attempt to smash the store window.

Before the suspect is able to get out of the way, the second suspect throws a second brick, striking his accomplice in the head.

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The suspect is immediately knocked unconscious, as he is seen falling to the ground and lying motionless.

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Police celebrated the thieves’ lack of co-ordination on social media.

“If all thieves operated on this level, the police wouldn’t have to work overtime,” the statement read.