Vernon vehicle vandalism captured on video

Surveillance camera captures Vernon vehicle vandalism
Watch Above: One family victimized by the vandalism believe their surveillance cameras have captured the vandalism in process.

Who keeps vandalizing vehicles in Vernon’s Foothills Drive area and is the culprit motivated by anger over parking?

Those are the questions plaguing some Vernon residents after their cars were repeatedly damaged.

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However, a recent incident captured on camera may provide some clues.

“I think it is going to continue until he gets caught. He has done so much to so many different vehicles,” vandalism victim Cheri Faris said.

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The mid-January incident captured on tape is the latest in a string of vehicle vandalism incidents Faris’ family has experienced. It began last March.

“One of the vehicles had been keyed and then after that a few days later the tire was slashed on it,” Faris said.

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“Then Bill was working nights so he came home one night and parked on the road and his vehicle was keyed. Then two or three nights later the tire was slashed.”

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It was not what Faris and her family expected when they moved to the quiet Vernon area street just over a year ago and she said her family wasn’t alone.

“The neighbours just up the street from us had their vehicle scratched…two of their tires were slashed and a headlight was kicked,” she said.

“I think the individual is upset that we are parking on the road.”

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Faris installed security cameras and contacted neighbours and things seemed to quiet down for her family for a time, although Faris said others experienced damage in November.

However, in January the family woke up to another nasty surprise after parking a vehicle on the road.

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“It was keyed and then I went and checked the video footage and it was an elderly gentleman that had scratched it,” she said.

That footage was captured early in the morning. In it you can see someone walk by on the road. Less than a minute later he returns, this time walking up the sidewalk and reaching his arm out towards the vehicle.

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RCMP said they have open files on Faris’ complaints but haven’t identified the person in the video.