February 14, 2018 7:00 am
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What is love? Calgary kids offer insights for Valentine’s Day

WATCH: Global News asked a group of Calgary kids what love is. Here are some of their answers.


What is love? How does it make you feel when you love someone? Who gives you the warm fuzzies?

These are all questions many people ask themselves around Valentine’s Day.

For some, the answers to those questions can be complicated. But sometimes, you just need to hear them broken down into a few simple points from a group of children to put the concept of love into perspective.

That’s just what Global News got from a group of eight- to 10-year-olds at a Calgary after-school program.

What is love?

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As couples around the world get set to celebrate love, we asked kids what the word “love” means to them.

“Love is basically a feeling you get when you’re with someone,” explained one student named Neil.

Love, according to these children, can be felt for a friend or for someone a little more special.

“Love is like if you have a friend and you’re hurt and he will help them,” said Keira.

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“It’s where you like someone… hang out with them… and you want to be friends,” Chrissy said, echoing Keira’s friendly sentiment.

“It’s when your affections grow and grow until you finally can’t stand it anymore,” Mason said.

How do you feel when you’re in love?

Do you remember your first crush? The first time you got that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling? We also asked these kids how love feels to them.

For most of them, it’s a downright happy feeling.

“I feel kind of nervous and happy,” Sydney said.

“I have feelings in my body like I want to talk to them,” Chrissy said. “I kind of feel weak sometimes when I’m in love with them. Hugging them and giving them kisses and writing them notes and colouring them stuff.”

Many of the children also said being in love makes them feel appreciated.

“I always feel happier,” Neil said. “I want to see their smile.”

WATCH: Global News asked a group of Calgary kids how it feels to be in love. Here are some of their answers.

Who do you love?

Whether it’s a friend or a sweetheart, many people are handing someone a valentine this Wednesday.

We asked the children who they love and might be sending a special Valentine’s Day note to. For most of them, at this age, they aren’t focusing too much on the boys or girls in their classes.

“I love my mom, my dad, pretty much my whole family,” Ajay said.

“I love my parents and my stuffies,” Zeke said.

Many of the children also said they loved their pets and extended family, however, one little boy does have eyes for a girl in his neighbourhood.

“I love Samantha,” Neil said.

When asked, “Who’s that?” he replied, “She’s a girl I know. Every time I’m with her I feel something, I feel love.”

WATCH: Global News asked a group of Calgary kids who they love. Here are some of their answers.

Tell us, what does love mean to you?

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