Cape Town residents bring out buckets to collect rainwater as ‘Day Zero’ looms

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Cape Town residents rejoiced last week after rain poured down on the drought-ridden city.

They flocked to the streets to enjoy the downpour, many posting photos on social media.

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But beyond photo ops, the downpour offered residents a chance to collect water amid the impending “Day Zero” of May 11 — when the city’s taps are expected to run dry.

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The eight millimeters of rain came Friday night, after prayers for rainfall. Residents collected the water in buckets to be used for tasks such as flushing toilets, cleaning and watering plants, BBC News reported.

The last time it rained in the city, according to CNN, was on Jan. 22. But these rainfalls aren’t expected to make a dent in the city’s drought problem, with the city’s largest dam at low levels.

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The port city of 4 million has been living with anxiety in anticipation of the day the water officially runs out. Residents have been lining up in long queues at emergency water stations, then lugging the containers back home.

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Cape Town tightening water restrictions again amid drought
Cape Town tightening water restrictions again amid drought

Officials have begun limiting the amount of water each person can use per day.

As of February, residents and visitors will be allocated only 50 litres each day — that’s seven times less than the average U.S. citizen’s daily usage, according to the World Water Council.

— With files from Reuters