BC fruit growers calling for deer cull

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It’s not something politicians like to talk about but Okanagan fruit growers say it’s something that needs to be addressed.

The BC Fruit Growers Association says it’s time governments begin talking about the possibility of a deer cull because the deer are destroying their orchards.

The president of the BC Fruit Growers Association (BCFGA) says something has to be done about the out-of-control deer population and that’s why some members are calling for a cull.

“Even with me it’s an unpopular decision. I’ve never been in favour of a cull but what we’re seeing now is deer in such numbers that something has to be done,” BCFGA President Fred Steele said.  “And seeing that nothing was done for years, something has to be done now that is much more drastic and that is unfortunate.”

Steele says a cull is the only solution because other means of dealing with the problem, including relocation, simply haven’t worked.

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“They’ve actually moved some of these animals as much as 50 km and not only did they come back, they came back the same farm they were munching on.”

You don’t have to twist the arm of B.C’s Agriculture Minister on the idea of a cull.

Lana Popham admits it’s not something politicians like to talk about but it has to be addressed.

“If we came to a way of humanely controlling that population — you can use the word cull or controlling — yeah, I would be supportive of that,” Popham said.

The BC Fruit Growers are expected to vote for a cull at their annual convention in Kelowna next week.