‘Gang rape’ warning is a hoax according to Montreal police

Montreal police are calling a recent “gang rape” warning circulating on social media a fabrication.¬†The SPVM took to Facebook to discredit the concerning message.

The fake post which uses the SPVM logo targets women by telling them to be wary of a young lost boy waiting to be brought home.The false warning continues by saying the boy is apart of a new ‘gang rape’ scheme.

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The hoax has been shared on several social media platforms hundreds of times.

The police have taken efforts to squander the circulation of the hoax by sharing their post which disproves the information on their Twitter and Facebook page.

The SPVM Facebook page warns people to be prudent of what they repost, “We invite you to be very [cautious] and verify the provenance of such a message before¬†broadcasting it to your contacts.”

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