Scott Thompson: Is it okay to cheat at Monopoly?

Rick Bowmer / The Associated Press

I remember getting my game of Monopoly for Christmas when I was around nine or 10. I had to have one after playing with my older cousins.

I still have that original game, complete with my hand-written signature and my parents’ phone number on the box penned some time in the early ’70s.

I find it amusing that we play the same game with our kids when the occasion arises. It is the only game they will drop their devices for.

We bought them a modern version years ago, complete with a debit machine and cards. They want nothing to do with it.

This past Christmas and New Year’s, we opened the old box for another lengthy, rousing round. It ended, as usual, with someone really happy and the rest harbouring hurt feelings and maybe even a tantrum of sorts, after a marathon session.

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So when I heard of the new “Cheaters Edition” of Monopoly, I thought: how can this help the modern family, let alone have any teachable moments?

The game has strategies to skip your rent, steal from the bank, build a hotel where you used to buy a house, and collect more than $200 when you pass GO.

It’s disgusting!

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Then I realized all of this has happened during the typical Thompson household game. And we’re not alone.

The manufacturer says half of the players cheat in some form, whether it’s altering rules or taking money when your opponent is at the fridge.

Maybe that explains the new edition. At least now, you know there’s cheating. It may help keep the peace. Enjoy your weekend!

Scott Thompson hosts the Scott Thompson Show! on 900 CHML and is a commentator for Global News.

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