Tim Hortons protests planned across Canada in solidarity with Ontario workers

How Tim Hortons became the flashpoint in fight over higher minimum wage
Wed, Jan 10: A fight between the corporate offices of Tim Hortons and some franchisees over higher minimum wage has led to the iconic brand being caught in the political crossfire. Alan Carter has more.

TORONTO – Protesters angered by some Ontario Tim Hortons franchisees who slashed workers’ benefits and breaks after the province raised its minimum wage plan to spread their outrage to other areas of the country tomorrow.

About 50 demonstrations are reportedly planned in cities across the country Friday, although at least 38 will be based in Ontario, with 18 planned in Toronto. As of Dec. 31, 2016, the number of Tim Hortons locations in Canada was 3,801.

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Other cities involved in the protest include Calgary, Halifax, Saskatoon, Regina, Vancouver and two other cities in British Columbia.

The national protests are in response to Tim Hortons clawing back workers benefits, paid breaks and other perks as a result of the minimum wage increase in Ontario from an $11.60 hourly rate to $14 at the start of the month.

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WATCH: Insight on controversy surrounding Tim Hortons protests
Insight on controversy surrounding Tim Hortons protests
Insight on controversy surrounding Tim Hortons protests

Earlier this month, labour organizations across Ontario held rallies to protest the actions of some Tim Hortons franchises.

The protests began after Jeri Horton-Joyce and Ron Joyce Jr., the children of the brand’s billionaire co-founders, rolled out the controversial measures at two Cobourg, Ont., locations they own.

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