Montreal police pranked by a car snow sculpture

After a major snowstorm dumped 36 cm of snow over the city, Montrealer Simon Laprise decided to make the best of his Sunday afternoon.

With a little ingenuity, creativity, and lots of snow packed together, Laprise made a life-sized sculpture of a model car.

The prank was intended to pull a fast one on the city snow plow, but instead the mischievous gag caught the attention of Montreal police (SPVM) officers.

A “snow car” sculpture parked on Montreal street after 35 cm snowfall. Jan. 14, 2018. Photo Credit: Simon Laprise. Simon Laprise

The officers played along with Laprise’s comical high jinks and wrote a ticket for his illegally parked vehicle.

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Instead of the car being towed, Laprise got off with a warning and his 1980s DeLorean-like masterpiece got a thank you message from the on duty officers.

Montreal Police leave thank you message on “snow car” sculpture . Photo Credit: Simon Laprise. Simon Laprise

A printed ticket was left under the tree branch windshield wiper and said, “You made our night!”

Laprise’s work was not up for long. It was destroyed that same night, he said.

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His shenanigans have gotten plenty of attention online, with his posts having been shared hundreds of times.

Laprise says he plans on making more snow sculptures, either when the inspiration strikes or after the next major snowfall. But he says he does not know what he will create next.

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