WWE legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts reaches out after battle with addiction

Click to play video 'Jake “The Snake” Roberts shares what keeps him going after battle with addiction' Jake “The Snake” Roberts shares what keeps him going after battle with addiction
WATCH: The WWE Hall of Famer who once struggled with drugs and alcohol, is touring Canada, speaking with fans and hoping to inspire some of them to get help – Jan 12, 2018

He was an unpredictable personality in the wrestling ring but the now sober Jake “The Snake” Roberts is set on helping people change their lives.

The WWE Hall of Famer struggled with drugs and alcohol for many years, losing everything during his fight with addiction.

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“The last 15 years I did cocaine, I hated every day of it, but yet I did it every day, just could not stop,” Roberts said.

“To save my life I could not stop, to save my marriage I could not stop, to save my family I could not stop, my job, all of it went out the window so my heart’s there with you.”

The American wrestler, who started making a name for himself in the ’80s, is touring Canada speaking with fans and hoping to inspire some of them to get help.

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“I survived it and I shouldn’t have… I tried to commit suicide several times you know,” Roberts said.

“I’m about helping people… because there’s a lot of people suffering with what I went through.”

When asked what it’s like for him to sit down and talk to people who are struggling he said, “it’s like I get a breath of fresh air and an inner peace comes.”

During his shows, Roberts encourages anyone who wants to come and share their story with him to let him know.

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“We just need to help more people,” he said. “I’ve been to several jails, not that I wanted to go, and lots of rehabs and I never met anyone in the place that said ‘you know what Jake, when I was growing up man, my dream was to become a drug addict and an alcoholic, yeah’, that’s just not it.”

Roberts said it’s his fans that fuel him to keep going.

“I get letters from kids sometimes… that’s the best high I’ve ever had, when you get a letter from a kid saying thanks for helping my Dad because now he’s moved back home with us.”

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Roberts is asking people who are battling addiction to seek help and never give up.

“Somebody told me try to fall forward, if you fall backward, your just going back to the same old stuff, so try to fall forward, but just never give up because that’s what the addiction wants, it wants you to die, that’s it’s whole purpose, death, so don’t satisfy the addiction by giving up… just keep fighting, keep swinging, and for all you people who aren’t addicts or an alcoholic, reach out and help someone,” Roberts said.