Birth mom records emotional video for newborn son to explain giving him up for adoption

Click to play video: 'Birth mom records emotional video for newborn son to explain giving him up for adoption' Birth mom records emotional video for newborn son to explain giving him up for adoption
WATCH: In the video, the mother explains that her son’s birth father died eight weeks into the pregnancy. – Jan 10, 2018

A mother in Utah has released a video recording she made for her son two years ago about why she gave him up for adoption.

Hannah Mongie, who is now 21, found out she was pregnant with her son, Taggart, when she was 18.

In the nine-minute video, Mongie explained to her then newborn son that she met his dad in 2013.

“[Kaden] was on his mission and he came home in April of 2015. And we dated for a while and then after a while I found out I was pregnant with you. And he loved you so much from the very, very beginning,” Mongie is heard in the video telling Taggart.

She went on to say that at an eight-week doctor’s appointment she heard Taggart’s heartbeat for the first time.

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“Kaden wasn’t there for it. He was in class. So I texted it to him and he ran out and he was so excited to hear it. And he couldn’t [have been] happier and he was hoping for a boy so that he could teach him baseball and sports and stuff,” explained Mongie.

However, two days later, Kaden died of natural causes in his sleep.

“From the day your daddy died I had a hard time even considering placing you with a different family when you were my last piece of Kaden. But one day I woke up and I just knew that you were supposed to be with someone else,” Mongie continued.

She went on to say that she met Taggart’s now adopted parents, Brad and Emily Marsh, fell in love with them, and chose them as her son’s new parents within two weeks.

According to Mongie, Emily Marsh and she are best of friends. Mongie even helped Marsh put the nursery together for Taggart.

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But even though Mongie knew Taggart was going to a loving family, it was still a bittersweet decision for her to make.

“I couldn’t wait to meet you. And the entire pregnancy, all I was waiting for was these two days I could spend with you. And right now, I’m in the last hour of those two days before I send you off to Brad and Emily. And then you’re going to be their little boy. And I just want you to know that I really, really love you so much. More than I’ve ever loved any other human in the whole world,” said an emotional Mongie in the video.

She told her son that her decision was made “purely out of love” because she was unable to give him what she knew he needed growing up, which was a mommy and a daddy.

“I just wanted to let you know that I love you and I made this decision completely out of love and if I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t have been in this position at all,” said Mongie.

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Mongie said she recorded a video instead of writing a letter because a video seemed more real and in the moment.

Today, Taggart, nicknamed Tagg, is one-and-a-half years old and still sees his birth mother at least once a month.

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According to Fox News affiliate, KTVU, Mongie lives 10 minutes away from the Marshs.

Marsh told KTVU that she thought it was important to keep Tagg’s birth mother, and her other adoptive son’s birth mother, in her sons’ lives.

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“They will never have to wonder if their birth moms loved them. They will never have to feel abandoned — they will always know their birth mothers placed them out of selfless love and sacrifice,” Marsh told KTVU.

Marsh also added that each son, including Taggart, has a picture of their birth mother in their room.

You can watch Mongie’s entire video here.

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