Winnipeg contemporary circus troupe entertaining audiences around the world

WATCH: Global's Mitch Rosset explains how a Winnipeg contemporary circus troupe is captivating the world.

WINNIPEG – When it comes to reaching the top, to making an audience flip, the key is to keep things entertaining.

That’s what Winnipeg’s Momentum Aerial and Acrobatic Troupe does best. Specializing in contemporary circus, the kids, teens and young adults in the group captivate by pushing their bodies.

“It’s a lot harder than it looks,” Mattew Carter said.

“It takes so much focus, so much strength and so much energy it’s ridiculous.”

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Contemporary circus has been around the 1970s. The Cirque du Soleil style performances mix dance, theatre and gymnastics.

“There’s no limits,” troupe director Monica Goermann said. “The creativity and possibilities are endless.”

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Next year, the team will tumble to Austria for the World Gymnaestrada. It will be the sixth time it participates in the non-competitive circus showcase.

“We never want to go against and beat someone else,” Lillian Borger said.

“It’s all about performing for ourselves and performing to entertain.”

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A concept as unique as the opportunities the sport provides. A handful of members of the Momentum Aerial and Acrobatic Troupe have graduated to the National Circus School.

“I think that’s the brilliant part about circus,” Goermann said. “You never know where it’s going to lead you.”

An awe-inspiring journey not just for the audience but the performers as well.