Strathmore family commits to $50/week food challenge for local food bank

Click to play video: 'Strathmore family commits to $50/week food challenge for local food bank' Strathmore family commits to $50/week food challenge for local food bank
WATCH: A new year and a big challenge for a Strathmore family. They've committed to cutting their grocery budget by two thirds. As Sarah Offin reports, it's all for a good cause – Jan 2, 2018

Can a family of four not only survive, but eat healthy on a food budget of just $50 per week? One Strathmore mother thinks so, and is taking on a challenge to cut their family’s grocery bill by two thirds.

Marci Hira grew up in a low-income household and relied on food bank services throughout her youth. Many of her family members still do.

She now has two kids of her own and is currently finishing her schooling to become a nutrition coach.

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She said she was alarmed by all the unhealthy items she was seeing in her family’s food hampers as a child.

“Once I got a list of what they were getting I thought to myself, ‘well I’m going to school for nutrition,’ so I wonder if there’s a way of making it a healthier lifestyle,” Hira said.

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Now, Hira is making a pledge – a family resolution to prove you can eat healthy on a tight budget.

So her family is living off of just $50 of groceries per week, down from their usual $150 per week budget.

She said they eat less meat, more lentils, beans and yogurt. They also shop for discount items and frozen food, and are cutting out all fast food to save money.

“Often the fruit and vegetables that are frozen have better nutrients in them because they’re picked fresh and frozen immediately,” Hira said.

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The kids – three-year-old Mackenzie and four-year-old Mylo – were a little hesitant at first but are getting right into helping with meals and cutting out the snacks.

4-year-old Mylo shows off the family\’s first grocery bill falling within their $50 per week budget.

The family is hoping to raise $500 and 500 items for the Strathmore Food Bank as well as to raise awareness about the importance of donating quality healthy items.

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To follow or donate to Hira’s campaign, visit her facebook page.

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