Man arrested after body, ‘suspicious package’ found in Oshawa home: Durham police

Durham Regional Police Cruiser. Global News File

OSHAWA, Ont. – A handful of residents in a city east of Toronto were forced from their homes on Saturday as police worked to defuse a potentially explosive package inside a home where a person died under suspicious circumstances.

Durham regional police said the investigation is in its early stages, since they could not enter the Oshawa, Ont., home until the suspicious package had been dealt with.

Const. George Tudos said people in neighbouring homes were asked to leave for their own protection while members of the explosives disposal unit assessed the package.

Police said the an explosives robot rendered the package safe and bomb technicians were entering the home around mid-afternoon.

Tudos declined to say exactly what had been located, but had warned residents might hear a “loud bang” as police proceeded with their investigation.

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Tudos also declined to share details on the death that brought police to the home on Friday evening other than to describe it as suspicious.

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He said a citizen called police to the home after finding the body of an unidentified female inside.

He declined to share the person’s name or age, adding that an autopsy will be conducted later on Saturday to determine the cause of death.

Tudos said police have made an arrest in the death, which occurred in the basement apartment of the home.

A 45-year-old man was arrested at the home and is charged with improper/indecent interference with a dead body.

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“At this time there is no homicide charge against this individual,” he said. “I’m not saying that there won’t be. This investigation is still ongoing.”

Tudos did not disclose details about what, if any, relationship existed between the accused and the deceased.



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