Winnipeg’s winter weather causing plumbing issues

Four underground pipes have frozen in Winnipeg, along with 115 reports of pipes frozen in homes. Ashley Carter / Global News

The City of Winnipeg is dealing with an increase in reports of frozen pipes due to the recent cold snap.

So far this winter, the City has received 115 reports of frozen internal plumbing, resulting in no water for those properties.

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Owners of single-family homes are responsible for all internal plumbing, which consists of pipes that enter the building all the way to the taps.

Meanwhile, there have been four reports of underground frozen pipes, which the City says is normal for a Winnipeg winter.

Residents are advising not to run their water to prevent pipes from freezing unless told to do so.

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If you find your pipes are frozen, you can call a plumber, phone the City at 311 or try to fix it yourself.

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When thawing a pipe, opt for a gradual approach instead of blasting the pipe with heat.

To prevent against frozen pipes in the first place, make sure windows are weather-sealed, insulate rooms where pipes are present – insulating pipes themselves if they’re near exterior walls – and check for air leaks around electrical outlets and vents.

The full City of Winnipeg guidelines for dealing with frozen pipes can be found here.


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