Peterborough shoppers search for Boxing Day deals

Shoppers search for Boxing Day deals
Watch above: Peterborough shoppers flock to Lansdowne Place Mall

Boxing Day is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and Peterborough shoppers flocked to Lansdowne Place Mall looking for post-Christmas bargains.

While the mall might look jam packed, a recent survey by suggests stores across Canada might be seeing a decline in Boxing Day traffic. Experts pin the blame on the rise of Black Friday.

Yet could Black Friday spell the end of Boxing Day sales in Canada? Not entirely. Even if Boxing Day has lost its place as the only big retail day in Canada, retailers say there’s still something “quintessentially Canadian” about shopping on the first day after Christmas.

“People sort of plan a trip. They wake up early, they get dressed warm, they go to line up at stores. That’s a very Canadian thing to do,” said Jeff Novak, brand director at Red Flag Deals.


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