Divorced couple who ‘fought a lot’ gets re-engaged after taking years apart to work on themselves

Click to play video: 'Video shows divorced couple getting re-engaged after taking years apart to work on themselves' Video shows divorced couple getting re-engaged after taking years apart to work on themselves
WATCH: Video posted online shows a divorced Ohio couple, who was married for 25 years and have eight children together, getting re-engaged right in time for the holidays – Dec 27, 2017

One Ohio couple is proving that true love never dies.

Lorrie Agan, 51, and Jeffrey Agan Sr., 52, married in 1989 and have eight children together. However, the pair decided to call it quits on their 25 years of marriage and divorced in 2014.

“When their marriage failed, our whole family was devastated and torn apart. Years went by, with fights and slick comments being waged from both sides,” wrote the couple’s eldest son, Jeffrey Agan Jr., on a GoFundMe page.

Both Lorrie and Jeffrey took their time apart to work on themselves.

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According to Jeffrey Jr., his dad, who was a truck driver for 20 years, went back to school for nursing. As well, he began going to the gym and lost weight, started writing poetry and spending more time with his grandchildren.

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As for Lorrie, she found peace in nature, meditation and self-empowerment.

At the beginning of 2017, the divorced couple began speaking to one another for the first time since separating. And by November, they were dating once again.

When the family got together on Dec. 22, Jeffrey Sr. used his love for poetry to express to his ex-wife how he felt, with his son recording the entire thing.

In the two-minute video posted to Jeffrey Jr.’s Twitter page, which has more than 10 million views, Lorrie can be seen opening a present from her former husband.

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She joked by asking, “Is it pizza?”

But it was better than pizza. In fact, it was a poem by Jeffrey Sr., which Lorrie reads out loud:

“Our love was there, it never left, though both of us felt lost. Faith intervened for me and you… so now I ask you Lorrie, once again…”

Before Lorrie had a chance to finish reading the poem, she looks up at her ex-husband with a shocked expression as he proposes.

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She said yes.

“I was incredibly nervous, more so than I would have expected. I was thankful I had the poem to speak for me so I didn’t have to say too much,” said Jeffrey Sr. to Today, an American talk show.

“I think it’s because they both took the opportunity to work on themselves and find themselves on their own path,” said Jeffrey Jr. to Today about his parents getting married again. “So many people are going through painful experiences. So, I think what’s touched so many people about this video is there’s definite proof with this video that true love exists.”

Jeffrey Jr. has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for his parent’s second wedding. In two days, he was able to surpass his goal of US$2,000.


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