White Christmas looking more likely for B.C.’s South Coast

Snow is expected to fall at some point over the weekend, in time to blanket the ground before Christmas Day. Global BC

Don’t expect that cold snap to taper off in Metro Vancouver off as we head into Christmas Day Monday, that’s according to Global News meteorologist Mark Madryga.

“The outlook heading into Christmas Eve? Very interesting weather-wise. It’ll be a cold day Saturday, with highs only about plus one and minus five in the morning, but nice and dry and clear. And then Sunday, the front moving in will roll toward the South Coast by afternoon, meaning an increasing chance of flurries for Christmas Eve during the day and into the evening.”

Madryga says the weather story on Dec. 25 will likely be snow on the ground for a number of places.

“Moisture will move in during the day Sunday from the Pacific, and with the cold air hanging around there’s a good bet we’ll get flurries rather than showers in most areas. A few centimetres of snow are possible by later Sunday, Sunday night, of course, that’s Christmas Eve, and a leftover flurry or two on Monday morning.”

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From 1955 to 2007 there were only four Christmas days in Vancouver, where there were two centimetres or more of snow on the ground.

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