Bill Kelly: Government misses the mark on auto insurance again

Click to play video: 'Ontario government announces crackdown on auto insurance fraud' Ontario government announces crackdown on auto insurance fraud
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Well, here we go again; the provincial government says it’s going to clean up Ontario’s broken auto insurance system.

We pay among the highest auto insurance rates in  Canada and for those sky-high rates, we get the worst service.

According to the profit-driven insurance companies, some of the reasons for the high rates are unscrupulous lawyers who allegedly overcharge clients and fraudsters who fake injuries to try to scam the system.

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But while the government believes the crocodile tears of insurance executives, who is listening to the accident victims?

Where are the stories of insurance companies that deny claims of accident victims or who fight tooth and nail to pay as little as possible on a file?

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What about the realization that insurance companies routinely employ doctors and health-care experts whose job it is to write reports to suggest that your injury is not as severe as you think it is?

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Where are the stories of insurance companies that drag out settlement meetings for months or even years, causing unnecessary legal costs?

There may well be some who abuse the system, but the huge profit margins of the insurance companies show that the system is working just fine for them.

But while insurance profits increase, we pay more and get less coverage and the government tells us it’s our fault; that’s the real scam.

Bill Kelly is the host of Bill Kelly Show on AM 900 CHML.

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