Ex-lawyer of Guido Amsel testifies that she feared for her safety

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Sarah McEachern was hired by Guido Amsel in 2013 to represent him in a civil case brought against him by his ex-wife, Iris.

Iris was represented by Maria Mitousis, the lawyer wounded by an explosion in a River Avenue law firm on July 3, 2015.

At the trial of Guido Amsel Monday, McEachern said she withdrew from his case in September 2014 after meeting with Amsel and George Orle, a senior partner at their Stradbrook Avenue law office.

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She told the court that the two had an interaction in the courthouse hallway after her motion to withdraw was granted.

“He said, ‘I have one question. Did Iris or Maria pay you?'” McEachern recalled. “I said, ‘No Guido, I’ve been trying to help you but I can’t anymore.’ Then he said, ‘This is all going to come out in the end.’ He was clearly agitated, and his tone of voice was very direct.”

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McEachern testified that she waited with a friend in a different section of the courthouse because she feared what would happen if she left at the same time as Amsel.

The crown also asked McEachern about the time she went to police in July, 2015, a couple months after her and Orle left the Stradbrook firm.

McEachern testified that she feared for her safety after hearing about the explosion on River Avenue that wounded Mitousis, and became increasingly concerned when she learned the bomb squad was on Washington Avenue by Iris Amsel’s business.

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She talked to police in the morning hours of July 5. Later that day, a suspicious package was safely detonated at the Stradbrook office.

Orle also testified Monday, saying he remembered seeing the commotion around Mitousis’ River Avenue firm on July 3.

“I was at The Keg, and someone said a bomb had gone off. I remembered that Barry Gorlick [Mitousis’ common-law partner] had been disbarred earlier that week,” Orle testified. “I called the office at noon to tell them to shut down for the day and to not accept any packages.”
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He said he went to police with McEachern and stayed there until 6 a.m. He then called his former firm on Stradbrook to tell them he worried McEachern was in danger, hours before police blew up a suspicious package there.

The trial is now off until Dec. 4. The crown will call experts to the stand and hope to conclude their argument by the end of next week.

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