November 23, 2017 10:30 am
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COMMENTARY: On returning ISIS fighters, Trudeau has a script. But he doesn’t have a clue

WATCH: Andrew Scheer asks what rehabilitation returning ISIS members get


The tweet was not subtle. And it wasn’t meant to be.

I was reacting to the unbelievable exchange between Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer in parliament on Monday. Everyone who has seen this clip (which you can watch above) of a Canadian prime minister reading from a script to answer a simple question from the opposition leader is blown away.

It has nothing to do with whether the viewer is a Liberal supporter or not.

I have, with my own ears, heard several people who voted for Trudeau saying for the first time since the election they regret their vote.

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This clip has peeled the bark right off the Trudeau tree.

It makes supporters forget how responsive they were to the ‘cover model’ Prime Minister.

When they watch this, they stop caring about what he looks like on the cover of Rolling Stone or Vogue.

In the words of Buddy Holly, “It doesn’t matter anymore.”


Now if the reader doesn’t mind, I’d like to reset by asking you this question: Have you ever heard of the Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence?

Neither had I, until this week.

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It’s a federal government program, which, according to the Prime Minister, “helps to ensure that resources are in place to facilitate disengagement from violent ideologies.”

That’s part of the PM’s scripted response to a very fair question being asked by Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer, who was wondering why Canada is allowing people who chose to leave our country to join ISIS in the Middle East to now return to Canada to live a life outside prison.

Trudeau wants to reintegrate them into Canadian society. Common sense forces us to ask why.

Who the hell wants this kind of crud to be among us?

WATCH: Canada offers ‘reintegration support’ for ISIS fighters

Apparently the Prime Minister doesn’t see anyone as crud, not even those who used their Canadian passports to travel to the Middle East to hook up with people who, if they had the chance, would happily murder as many of us as possible, and by any means possible.

The crud wanted to hang out with and get trained by those who would want to shoot us, bomb us, or mow us down in rented trucks.

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Canadians are not without a clue as to what we’re talking about here. This isn’t theoretical.

This is ISIS, a gang of savages we have spent years fighting along with our allies, and for good reason.

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Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer was just doing his job by putting this question to the Prime Minister.

Referring to those who left the country to join ISIS, the opposition leader said:

“These are people who got on a plane to fight for ISIS and watched as our allied soldiers were burned to death in a cage. These are people who got on a plane to go to fight for an organization that sells women and girls into slavery. These are people who left Canada to fight for a group of people who push homosexuals off buildings just for being gay. Can the Prime Minister explain to the House exactly what a program or reintegration service would look like for the people who commit these kinds of atrocities?”

Could we all agree that was a pertinent question, especially since we have no idea how many Canadians and/or Canadian residents have hooked up with ISIS and then returned?

But the number is widely believed to be somewhere in the hundreds.

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Can we agree it’s a good idea for the opposition leader to know why we’re allowing them to return and what is it that we plan to do to keep people safe from these people who clearly are turned on by terror?

So here comes the Prime Minister’s scripted response.

Warning: If you are a Trudeau supporter, be prepared to have regrets.

“We recognize that the return of even one individual may have serious national security implications,” said the prime minister.

He then offered this business about a government program known as the Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence, which I introduced you to a couple of paragraphs ago.

The PM also said his government “will also continue to carefully monitor trends in extremist travel, and our national security agencies work together to ensure that our response reflects the current threat environment.”

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The assumption here is that the government knows who all these people are, and knows where they live and play and work, and that they are being tracked.

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How safe an assumption is that?

It’s about as safe at it would be for you to go to sleep in the passing lane of the Trans Canada Highway and assume that no car, bus or 18-wheeler will end your innocent Canadian life.

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