Artists with disabilities showcase their talents at Peterborough’s Arts-ability

Arts-ability performance
Performers with disabilities showcased their talents at the Peterborough show "Arts-ability"

Artists with disabilities or barriers showcased their talents Thursday night in Peterborough for Arts-ability.

The event at the Market Hall Performing Arts Centre featured a mix of performance art and other artwork to highlight an inclusive and diverse environment.

“A lot of these artists have intellectual disabilities, they may have head injuries, or Down Syndrome, but they have overcome those incredible barriers to perform tonight,” said Em Glasspool, the artistic director for Mysteries Entity Theatre.

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The event began outside Market Hall with a role-playing knights battle featuring members of Linnagond Рa local role-playing club. It was followed by a stage performance that saw the artists carry items to eventually form a large butterfly. Other events include music, dance and spoken word performances.

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The evening was organized by Mysterious Entity Theatre which teamed up with The Dream Players and the Canadian Mental Health Association.

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“Disability arts or what we call ‘dis arts’ are something that’s been really important both for my research as well as for my personal expression,” said Derek Newman-Stille, a performer and researcher of disability studies.

The free event was open to the general public with a donation option available. All of the proceeds will be distributed among the artists. A final tally has yet to be announced. Donations can also be made at the CMHA website