Bank robbery suspect arrested after stopping for news interview during crime spree

Bank robbery suspect who appeared in TV interview during spree makes court appearance
WATCH ABOVE: A Georgia bank robbery suspect is arrested after appearing on camera for news interview outside bank he was accused of casing

A bank robbery suspect in Gwinnett County, Ga., is accused of making a crucial mistake following his alleged crime — he let his identity be known.

Eric Rivers was arrested Tuesday in connection with a spree of bank robberies in Lawrenceville, Ga. after he appeared in an on-camera interview with a local news station for an unrelated story about public transit.

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Lawrenceville police say Rivers was suspected of having just robbed a Chase Bank and was believed to be in the midst of casing several other banks when he agreed to the interview with the WGCL-TV reporter.

“You see, when you accept an interview and provide them with your real name it actually makes our job too easy,” a statement from the Lawrenceville Police Department read.

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Rivers removed his hat and du-rag, which he is alleged to have worn during the robberies based on security camera images released by police.

Authorities say after the interview, Rivers proceeded to scope out a Fidelity Bank in the area.

WATCH: Bank robbery suspect appears in TV interview during crime spree

Bank robbery suspect arrested after stopping to do news interview after heist
Bank robbery suspect arrested after stopping to do news interview after heist

As police investigated the reported robberies, a bank manager said the suspect walked towards the WGCL news truck after leaving the building.

Police followed up the lead and was provided Rivers’ name by the news station.

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Lawrenceville Police Det. Scott Pendergrass believes the reporter caught Rivers “off guard” and “surprised” him.

The department offered advice to would-be criminals in a Facebook post Wednesday.

“When after having robbed several banks and you are at another bank casing the place for an additional robbery and are approached by a news crew in the parking lot … DO NOT stop and agree to an interview with said news crew,” the statement read.

Police allege Rivers attempted five robberies in total, but was successful in making away with money in just two incidents.

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