‘Dumb’ criminal leaves behind business card while shoplifting at New Mexico store

WATCH ABOVE: Police in New Mexico catch ‘dumb’ criminal after he steals from store, leaves business card behind.

Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico arrested 40-year-old Matthew Crowder on Tuesday after they discovered he was responsible for an alleged theft at a local consignment store.

Of course, Crowder was “discovered” because just prior to the alleged theft, he handed the clerk at the store his business card with all his personal information on it.

“This guy’s a goofball; I can’t believe it, “Albuquerque Police Department Public Information Officer Simon Drobik told KOB News.  “Well, I guess I can believe it. These guys are dumb.”

According to police, Crowder handed over his card in an attempt to solicit a date from the female store clerk.

“We didn’t have to call Columbo in on this one because this guy left his name with his business card after he shoplifted, trying to pick up on the girl he shoplifted from,” Drobik said.

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What’s more, police say Crowder bragged about the items he stole on Facebook just hours after the alleged theft took place.

“Pampering my perfectly-porcelain princess with the gorgeous curves today,” the post reads. “Raided a thrift store today for this necklace! I adore you Emily (I call her my tipsy gypsy – she’s got lots of cool kitschy gypsy jewelry). Upgrade.”

The post is just one of many Crowder made bragging about items he had “raided.” According to Albuquerque Police, Crowder has outstanding warrants for shoplifting and theft in three other New Mexico jurisdictions.

Having now been arrested and charged a fourth time, police have a simple message for all business owners in the ABQ.

“If the guy walks into your business, know that he’s not there to purchase stuff, he’s there to rip you off,” Officer Drobik said.