Montreal elections 2017: Mayoral candidates from Baie D’Urfé go head-to-head in debate

Tax receipts from Baie d'Urfe's industrial corridor has helped to build a surplus that exceeds $6 million.
Tax receipts from Baie d'Urfe's industrial corridor has helped to build a surplus that exceeds $6 million. Billy Shields/Global News

Focus Montreal introduces Montrealers to people who are shaping our community, and brings attention to their stories.

It airs Saturday at 5:30 p.m. and Sunday at 7:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and midnight.

With the municipal elections in Quebec just around the corner, Focus Montreal is hosting a series of televised debates in the lead-up to Nov. 5.

This week, Global News turns its attention to the issues affecting the Town of Baie D’Urfé.

In the last part of the show, we’ll hear from two political analysts to break down the issues Montrealers care most about as the mayoral race in Montreal heats up.

Baie D’Urfé Candidates’ debate

The West Island town of Baie D’Urfé is a bedroom community that extends from Highway 40 to Lac Saint-Louis.

With just 3,800 residents, the town is characterized by large houses on spacious lots.

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The residential section of the municipality has retained a rural charm, accentuated by its lack of sidewalks and limited commercial activity.

Its active community members participate in many of the town’s associations or private clubs, including the Baie-D’Urfé Curling Club.

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It competes with a few other suburbs for top spot in the rankings of highest average household incomes in Canada with a median of $128,000.

The three people vying for the job of mayor of Baie D’Urfé are incumbent mayor Maria Tutino, longtime city councillor Peter Fletcher and first-time mayoral candidate and businessman Alex Habrich.

The issues discussed include what do to with the town’s budget surplus, as well as the changing landscape of the area due to the growing number of large mansions and how the new homes affect the delivery of municipal services and property taxes.

Montreal elections 2017: Mayoral race recap
Montreal elections 2017: Mayoral race recap

Montreal mayoral race recap

Over the last few weeks, we’ve gotten to know more about the men and women running in the upcoming municipal election.

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As the mayoral debates wrap-up, two political analysts will help recap some of the important issues weighing on Montrealers.

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Global News political analyst Karim Boulos and Montreal Gazette columnist Allison Hanes join senior anchor Jamie Orchard to help clarify what’s at stake in the Nov. 5 elections.

Global News will have live coverage and up-to-the-minute results for the municipal elections taking place in Greater Montreal on Sunday, Nov. 5.

Get the live Montreal election results here.