Arizona man selling ranch for $5M due to constant ‘alien attacks’

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Arizona man selling ranch due to constant ‘alien attacks’
WATCH: John Edmonds claims he contends with paranormal activity regularly at the Stardust Ranch. But now, he's fed up with it and wants to sell his property – Oct 27, 2017

John Edmonds is selling his 9.67-acre horse ranch because he can’t stand the constant paranormal activity he says he deals with.

The Stardust Ranch in Rainbow Valley, Ariz. has been featured multiple times in television shows and international media for its purported alien activity. Edmonds and his wife Joyce say they’re fed up with interstellar interference.

Edmonds claims he has slain 19 aliens with samurai swords and he and his wife have endured abduction attempts.

“They actually levitated her out of the bed in the master chamber and carried her into the parking lot and tried to draw her up into the craft,” he told NBC-affiliate KPNX.

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The couple purchased the ranch in 1995 with the hopes of leading a peaceful life operating their horse rescue organization.

“Almost immediately from the day we moved in, we began to have strange experiences,” he said.

On his Facebook page, Edmonds regularly updates his friends and fans of the day-to-day experiences of living on the so-called Alien Ranch.

Under one image of what appears to be dried blood and a katana, he described the method of destroying the “greys.”

“Unless you cut the head off and disconnect the antennae, so to speak, they instantly ‘phone home.’ Even with a razor-sharp sword, it is nearly impossible to decapitate them with one swing,” he wrote.

Realtor Kimberly Gero said the reaction from interested buyers has been mixed.

“Some are very intrigued and have no issues with the history of the property, while others are absolutely scared to death about what may or may not happen to them if they should buy it,” she said.

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In addition to its paranormal features, the property boasts a ranch house with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a large diving pool.

Edmonds warns prospective buyers to be prepared to live on the ranch.

“It’s not something for a traditional family, but it holds a lot of secrets and what I believe are future opportunities to understand forces that are in the universe,” he said. “Please be very well grounded because the energy here has the tendency to manifest with whatever is going on with you.”

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