Eastman ranked #1 in deer-car collisions in Manitoba: MPI

MPI said eastern Manitoba is where deer-car collisions happen most often in the province. Global News

Manitoba Public Insurance released a report Wednesday in an attempt to remind drivers of the dangers of wildlife on Manitoba roads.

Eastman, which includes Falcon Lake, Steinbach, Lac du Bonnet, Anola and Birds Hill Park, is the area in the province where the most incidents have occurred, a statement that likely comes as no surprise to anyone who regularly travels eastern rural roads.

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“Our intention is to raise motorists’ awareness about the potential dangers of vehicle-wildlife collisions, particularly during the fall season when deer are most active along roadways,” Ward Keith with MPI said.

In addition to publicizing warnings, the corporation will be installing new high-visibility signs in high-collision areas, specifically Birds Hill, Carmen and Riding Mountain National Park.

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The top five vehicle-deer collision areas in Manitoba are:

  1. Eastman: 1,630 collisions/year
  2. Westman: 1,455 collisions/year
  3. Interlake: 1,115 collisions/year
  4. Pembina Valley: 630 collisions/year
  5. City of Winnipeg: 625 collisions/year

MPI said seven people in the province have been killed in animal-related crashes over the past decade and an average of 350 people are injured due to wildlife-vehicle collisions each year.

The report was based on statistics collected from 2012 to 2016.

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MPI shared the following tips on staying safe during the high-risk driving season:

  • Slow down
  • Scan the road ahead and watch ditches and shoulders
  • Be alert in areas where brush or grass grow along the roadway
  • Do not swerve if an animal crosses your path. Instead, brake firmly to reduce the impact.

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