Scott Thompson: Do you believe Kathleen Wynne Liberals or Auditor General when it comes to hydro costs?


Ontarians have been given the true costs of Kathleen Wynne’s Green Energy Act refinance (the Fair Energy Act) and it is as ugly as experts predicted many years ago.

Not only is this shell game costing us an extra $39.4 billion, the Liberals are using creative accounting to make it appear as an asset instead of a loss on Ontario books adding $4 billion.

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That’s because they promised a balanced budget last spring and you can’t do that with a $40 billion loss, so you bully the rules of engagement with your majority.

Or, you Trump everyone by just repeating the false news over and over again, hoping people believe your accounting instead of the auditor general.

That’s what Energy Ministry Glenn Thibeault’s sell is now.

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What is crystal clear is electricity rates have almost doubled in the last decade for no reason other than an overzealous green plan, designed to attract voters, which never saw proper due diligence and cost analysis.

A “mistake” as Wynne called it.

Yet although the financing for this electricity “mistake” has changed by extending the loan to 29 years, her energy plan hasn’t.

Are we not then repeating the same “mistake”?


And, if you cannot trust the office of the Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk to be neutral, who can you trust?

We have nothing left. No voice.

That is what the Ontario Liberals are asking of you, when believing Kathleen Wynne’s accounting, over the Auditor General.

Scott Thompson is the host of the Scott Thompson show on AM 900 CHML.