Alberta election 2017: Rod Frank elected as mayor of Strathcona County

Rod Frank has been elected mayor of Strathcona County, according to unofficial results released Monday night.

Frank beat out incumbent Roxanne Carr.

Incumbent councillors Dave Anderson, Brian Botterill, Paul Smith and Linton Delainey were re-elected, along with new councillors Katie Berghofer, Glen Lawrence, Bill Tonita and Robert Parks.

Below is a full list of mayoral and councillor candidates in Strathcona County.

Mayoral candidates

Roxanne Carr (Incumbent)
David Dixon
Jacquie Fenske
Rod Frank
Linda Osinchuk

Councillor candidates

Ward 1
Robert Parks
Maurice Perrault

Ward 2
Dave Anderson (Incumbent)
Leonard Goulet
Walter Schwabe

Ward 3
Brian Botterill (Incumbent)
Brett Dermott
Nicholas Nigro

Ward 4
Jamie Fraleigh
Karen Lefebvre
Don McPherson
Bill Tonita

Ward 5
David Kierstead
Bob Leman
Aaron C. Nelson
Paul Smith (Incumbent)

Ward 6
Linton Delainey (Incumbent)
Alan Dunn
Patrick Hildebrand
Sarah Patterson

Ward 7
Brandie Harrop
Glen Lawrence

Ward 8
Rex Adam
Katie Berghofer
Floyd House

To read more, visit the Strathcona County website here


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