New Brunswick enjoys summer-like conditions as fall arrives

Click to play video: 'Fredericton beats temperature record' Fredericton beats temperature record
Thermometers in Fredericton read 33 degrees this afternoon, toppling a record high that stood for ten years. Jeremy Keefe was there to get local reaction to the late season scorcher – Sep 26, 2017

Extreme heat has pushed temperatures in parts of New Brunswick past their previous records at a time of the year when most expect to start bundling up.

A heat alert Tuesday proved necessary, as thermometers read 33 degrees celcius in Fredericton, toppling a record temperature that had stood for a decade by a single degree.

“It’s a bit of a contribution from Hurricane Maria that provides all this tropical moisture and the hot humid conditions,” explained Environment Canada’s Claude Cote.

“It’s been about five days over the Maritimes that we’ve seen well above normal conditions,” he said. “We saw that heat wave coming in from Ontario, Quebec last weekend and slowly migrating over New Brunswick.”

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Although the unseasonably warm conditions have lingered in the capital city for several days, Cote expects much more fall-like weather to move in soon.

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“Thursday, it’s a bit of a wake up call,” he said. “Temperatures will actually be below normal conditions.”

Most in the region have enjoyed the surprise hot weather.

Laura McDonald, Educational Director at Riverside Montessori School, gave students an impromptu field trip to the city’s Splash Pad to beat the heat.

“We’re always learning,” she said of the excursion. “Learning inside or outside, we try to do as much outside as we can.”

WATCH: Eastern Canada facing extreme heat as fall begins

Click to play video: 'Eastern Canada facing extreme heat as fall begins' Eastern Canada facing extreme heat as fall begins
Eastern Canada facing extreme heat as fall begins – Sep 24, 2017

Though enjoyable for some, the extreme heat did cause concern for some who question why so much change has taken place in recent memory when it comes to weather patterns.

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“This is so unusual and we’ve seen such a change over the last ten years. Where are we going to be in another ten years?” Joe McGinnis said. “Is it going to be that many degrees hotter again? That seems like an emergency, to me, in the making.”

“It makes me concerned,” admitted Scott McAllister. “I look at the planet and I don’t know what’s happening and I find that frustrating.”

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