‘Jeopardy!’ contestants botch football question in game show fail

‘Jeopardy!’ contestants fumble football category
WATCH: All three contestants did their best to avoid the “NFL Teams By Hall of Famers” category.

Jeopardy! contestants have proven themselves time and again to be unbelievably clever when it comes to answering general-knowledge questions — unless those questions happen to be about sports, that is.

That was definitely the case on an episode airing Monday in which all three contestants did their best to avoid the “NFL Teams By Hall of Famers” category — a surefire sign that host Alex Trebek was not dealing with football fans.

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A huge fail came when none of the three attempted to guess which team that iconic Pittsburgh Steelers’ lineman “Mean” Joe Greene played for.

That was probably for the best considering what happened next, when contestant Anupama was asked to name the team for whom Marcus Allen played. Her answer — “Colorado Rockies” — no doubt elicited cringes from any football fans watching, as there is no NFL team with either “Colorado” or “Rockies” in its title (the Rockies are a Major League Baseball team, not an NFL franchise), along with the fact that Allen never played for any Colorado team ever (he played for the Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs).

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Watch the fail unfold in the video above.