Vancouver Councillor wants public database for social housing


Vancouver NPA Councillor George Affleck wants to make social housing information more transparent and available to the public so he’s suggesting an open database for social housing.

“One of the challenges in Vancouver is we can’t actually figure out, the public, or the councillors, what properties we have with social housing on them and there’s no place to actually look this up and actually find this out.”

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Affleck said the public database would include information such as addresses of social housing units, neighborhoods, and who the property is owned by.

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He said such information would be made public to help people see what’s available, while also helping the city when it comes to future planning.

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“Knowing where we are, and knowing exactly how many units, and where they are in the city will be helpful in planning a strategy moving forward,” said Affleck.

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Affleck said it’s been hard to source out information.

“Certainly for policies moving forward, it would be very helpful to know where we are in the housing sector.”

The motion is being tabled on Tuesday.