Is Karla Homolka being harassed?

Click to play video: '‘Watching Karla Homolka’ Facebook page raises harassment concerns'
‘Watching Karla Homolka’ Facebook page raises harassment concerns
WATCH ABOVE: Can a Facebook group that follows every move of convicted killer Karla Homolka be considered harassment? Global's Amanda Jelowicki finds out – Sep 15, 2017

The Facebook page is called Watching Karla Homolka and it has almost 3,500 followers.

They will post various links to stories about Homolka, who now goes by the name Leanne Teale, especially when she resurfaces in the media.

But earlier this week the posts got even more personal.

One of the members posted a picture of Homolka sitting in a doctor’s office in Chateauguay and it included the address of the office.

It said Homolka was there at the time of posting, and it encouraged people to scare her away if she got near their children.
It got dozens of comments and shares, with most people supporting the post.

The address of Homolka’s residence is revealed in the media every few years.

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Last year, it became public she had moved to Chateauguay and this past spring, it was revealed her kids attend school in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and that she was a volunteer there.

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Homolka and ex-husband Paul Bernardo were convicted of crimes related to the rape and murder of two schoolgirls, Kristen French in 1992 and Leslie Mahaffy in 1991. Homolka is also linked to the death of her sister Tammy in 1990 but she was never charged in connection to it and it was ruled accidental at the time.

Homolka struck a deal with prosecutors where, in return for her testimony, she served 12 years in prison for manslaughter while Bernardo was convicted of murder and sentenced to life. Homolka was released in 2005 after serving her full sentence and has since settled in Quebec.

The Facebook page, Watching Karla Homolka, has some people saying tracking her has gone too far.

One organization, that deals with the rehabilitation of criminals, says it isn’t right to post pictures of her whereabouts, especially when she is just at the doctor’s office.

They told us once a criminal in Canada serves their time, they have a right to be left alone to lead a normal life, otherwise they could be pushed to re-offend.

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“If you can’t find work if you can’t find an apartment, if you can’t go to the doctor, if you can’t walk in the streets because people stare at you and are afraid of you, basically you cannot do anything in society so it could be a viscous cycle,”  said David Henry, executive director of  Association des Services de Rehabilitation Sociales du Quebec.

We tried reaching out to Homolka for this story but she refused to speak with Global News. We also tried reaching out to members of the Facebook page, but they didn’t return requests for an interview.

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Is it possible to forgive Karla Homolka?

But a criminal defense lawyer we spoke with said the site itself and some of the posts border on harassment and intimidation, and Homolka could potentially have enough merit to sue.

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“People in the group all of them are exposing themselves to be sued. And, in fact, the individuals who started this are coming close to crossing the line on criminal harassment, ” criminal defence lawyer Philip Schneider said. “Because criminal harassment includes watching and following someone. Not just following but saying where to go to.”

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