Plane tries to land in tropical storm winds, aborts spectacularly

Plane pushed way off course by strong winds from Irma
WATCH: Plane pushed way off course by strong winds from Irma

Dramatic footage filmed in South Carolina on Monday shows the perils of trying to land an airplane in the midst of a tropical storm.

In the video submitted by Christopher and Malgorzata “Maggie” Rosafort, an Allegiant Airlines plane can be seen attempting to land at the Myrtle Beach International Airport on Monday but before it can, the aircraft almost turns sideways because of winds from Tropical Storm Irma.

As it nears the runway, the plane pulls up and aborts the landing.

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It was eventually diverted to an airport in Raleigh, N.C. where it made a safe landing, Kirk Lovell, a spokesperson for the airport, told WPDE.

“It was pretty intense,” Christopher Rosafort told WMBF News.

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The Rosaforts shot the video from a nearby golf course.

Christopher said an American Airlines plane was able to land just prior to the Allegiant aircraft was forced to abort.

The Myrtle Beach airport had numerous cancellations and delays because of Irma.