What’s next: Hurricane Jose could hit Eastern U.S., Canada

Click to play video: 'Private charter boats evacuating Barbuda residents as Hurricane Jose approaches' Private charter boats evacuating Barbuda residents as Hurricane Jose approaches
An already ravaged Barbuda is evacuating residents with the help of private charter boats, as the island prepares to be hit by a major hurricane for the second time in less than a week – Sep 9, 2017

As Irma has been losing steam while it is travelling up the U.S., eyes have started turning to Hurricane Jose, which is sitting north of the Caribbean Islands.

Jose, which has currently lessened from a Category 4 to a Category 2 hurricane, was called a “messy looking hurricane” but the U.S.’s National Hurricane Center latest update as of Sept. 11.

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Global News meteorologist Ross Hull says it’s expected to weaken to a Category 1 over the next few days.

Currently, it’s spinning out in the Atlantic, away from land masses.

Hurricane Jose is currently travelling in a clockwise circle, but could go north later in the week. NOAA

It is currently going in a circle, but is expected to come up the coast and could make landfall anywhere from the Carolina’s all the way to Newfoundland.

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The timing of a frontal boundary (a separation of air with different densities) along with the strength of a ridge of high pressure will determine whether or not it will hit Canada, Hull explained.

Spaghetti plot for Hurricane Jose as of Sept. 11, 5 p.m. Ross Hull / Global News

Parts of Eastern Canada including Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada could feel Jose’s effects by next week.

“It’s important to emphasize that there is a still a lot of computer model uncertainty on Jose’s next move but it still is a storm to watch for the U.S. and Canada,” he said.

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