Montreal pit bull owners given more time to complete permits

Pampering pups and protesting pit bull bans at Montreal Dog Fest
WATCH ABOVE: The Montreal Dog Fest happening this weekend by the Lachine Canal,is mostly fun and games for dogs and their owners. But as Global's Dan Spector reports, some groups are also using it as a platform to denounce breed-specific legislation.

Owners of pit bull-type dogs now have an extended deadline, after receiving letters from the City of Montreal stating that their dogs would be seized because they apparently failed to comply with all the registration requirements.

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Monday, lawyer Anne-France Goldwater requested a Superior Court judge extend the deadline.

“Justice, true justice must have a dose of compassion, empathy and understanding,” Goldwater said.

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The letter, dated Aug. 21, was sent by the city to 520 dog owners who it states missed the March 31 deadline.

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It stated owners had four weeks to get rid of their dogs or face legal action.

Letter the city of Montreal sent out to 520 pit bull owners Aug. 21
Letter the city of Montreal sent out to 520 pit bull owners Aug. 21. City of Montreal

“It was very bad news to us and our family,” dog owner Yannick Quemart told Global News last month, after receiving the letter.

“Maybe we’re going to move out of Montreal, but … our children are in school.”

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He explained he missed just one of the requirements: a police background check.

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The city said pet owners can either bring their dogs to another municipality or leave them to a shelter — but the Montreal SPCA says they don’t have the capacity to take in more dogs.

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“We were completely under shock when we heard about this because we weren’t given any type of heads up,” Montreal SPCA’s lawyer Sophie Gaillard told Global News.

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Montreal city council will make its decision Sept. 13 on the new proposed deadline of Dec. 21.

“What is important now is to warn your friends, your neighbours, everyone you know who has a pit bull-type dog that this extension will be the last,” Goldwater warned.