Group plans anti-Trudeau/illegal immigration rally in Peterborough

Click to play video: 'Canadian Nationalist Front plans anti-Trudeau/illegal immigration rally'
Canadian Nationalist Front plans anti-Trudeau/illegal immigration rally
A group claiming to be a white nationalist movement will be staging an Anti-Trudeau /illegal immigration rally in Peterborough – Sep 8, 2017

Editor’s note: this article has been updated to provide context and updated information about counter-protests.

A group that bills itself as a white nationalist movement is staging a rally in Peterborough later this month.

Kevin Goudreau, chairman of the Canadian Nationalist Front, says his group will be holding an “Anti-Trudeau/illegal immigration” rally event on Sept. 30.

Activist and online groups in Peterborough say they are planning counter-protests in response.

Goudreau claims his CNF event is part of a nationwide rally against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the federal government’s approach to immigration.

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“We are spreading the word that Canadians are fed up with the current state of affairs when it comes to our current immigration system — allowing people into the country who aren’t being vetted,” said Goudreau.

Back in March, the same group staged a “white pride” event in the city which generated a lot of negative feedback. Goudreau claims the group’s goal is to educate, inspire and organize activists who are racially aware.

But activist Alissa Paxton say the CNF’s views aren’t reflective of the majority of Canadians. To counter the rally, she has organized “Chalk Out Hate” event the day before. Other groups such as the Peterborough Peace Council are encouraging residents to join a peaceful rally to counter the CNF’s event.

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