Bombers to use artificial intelligence to detect and potentially prevent bad behavior

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers installed new high tech surveillance system just in time for Banjo Bowl.
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers installed new high tech surveillance system just in time for Banjo Bowl. Randall Paull / Global News

A state-of-the art system has been installed at Investors Group Field just in time for the Banjo Bowl.

Using artificial intelligence the software will scan the video being captured on existing stadium security cameras and flag any suspicious or aggressive behavior to security.

“A Saskatchewan Roughriders fan and Blue Bombers fan kind of pushing each other, yelling at each other, our system is able to pick up that disturbance and alert security teams to it,” Katie Roy, field operations lead with EhEye said.

The algorithm developed by the New Brunswick based company uses a set of criteria, or predictive measurements, to help alert security to anything from weapons to bad behavior.

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“We are using deep learning, artificial intelligence, and we flag anything that would be a surprise to a person and bring that to attention of secruity,” Jamie Stewart, EhEye CEO said.

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IGF holds more than 33,000 people and uses 100 cameras to keep tabs.

“A stadium is like a small city on game day, with all the normal problems a city has,” Stewart said.  “You can’t physically watch all the camera feeds.  So we’re basically augmenting that.”

It is the first time the company has installed it’s software at a stadium.

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Winnipeg Blue Bombers President and CEO Wade Miller said it’s simply another tool in the arsenal.

“Artificial intelligence and video analytics is just another good step for us in terms of being on the cutting edge of technology in regards to fan safety,” Miller said.

The technology will be up and running by Banjo Bowl kickoff Saturday afternoon.

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