Strathcona County bans all non-essential water use

Strathcona County banned non-essential water use on Sept. 7, 2017.
Strathcona County banned non-essential water use on Sept. 7, 2017. Getty Images/Antoine Arraou

On Thursday afternoon, Strathcona County announced it was putting a water ban in place, effective immediately.

The ban applies to all non-essential water use for residents of Sherwood Park, Ardrossan, Josephburg, Half Moon Lake, Collingwood Cove, Antler Lake and Fultonvale.

On Friday, the county said the ban would remain in place over the weekend.

People are being asked to use water for essential purposes only, take short showers, turn off taps while brushing teeth or shaving and postponing non-essential laundry and dish washing.

The county says the ban is required due to increased demand in the hot weather as well as “an unplanned broken valve replacement which occurred during EPCOR construction activities.”

Officials say the community has about two days of water storage, during which time the construction is expected to be completed.

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“The water ban is necessary to ensure the water stored in our reservoirs meets the demand for critical activities such as firefighting, drinking and cooking,” the county said a news release.

Water truck fill stations in Sherwood Park, Ardrossan and Half Moon Lake will also be closed for the time being.

The county said Friday that EPCOR will continue to work on the supply line over the weekend but, once it’s operating again, the water reservoirs will still need time to replenish.

Updates on the water restriction will be given on a 24-hour recording at 780-467-7785 or on Strathcona County’s website and Facebook page.