‘I couldn’t use that much water if I tried’: Nearly $3,500 water bill shocks homeowner

Click to play video: 'Nearly $3,500 water bill shocks homeowner' Nearly $3,500 water bill shocks homeowner
WATCH: Global's Zahra Premji talks to the Winnipeg woman who was unexpectedly slammed with a huge water bill. – Sep 7, 2017

After receiving a water bill for $3,457.08 from the city of Winnipeg, a St. Boniface woman says she’s outraged.

Wendy Murray said she may not be the best at paying her bills on time and perhaps they stack up a couple of hundred dollars, but she always does end up paying them.

“I’m not the greatest at paying my bills on time so sometimes it’ll hit $400, but they always get paid. Even if I have missed payments, I haven’t missed $3,400 in payments,” Murray said.

The total water bill Wendy Murray faces. Jeremy Desrochers / Global News
Jeremy Desrochers / Global News

Murray said she has been in constant contact with the city trying to solve this mystery and she follow through with everything they said. They asked her to run some tests, to check the meter daily, and to even have an inspector come by. No leaks were found by any of the tests or inspectors.

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“I’m not sure where they’re getting their crazy $3,400,” Murray said.

She said she’s paid every bill and can’t wrap her head around where the thousands of dollars have racked up from. She said her meter is monitored almost daily and no big changes have appeared on it, her outdoor tap is turned off and she said for a $3,400 leak she’d have to have a pretty hefty leak going through her home that she would definitely notice.

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“It would be gushing in the house, you would hear it, you would see it, you would smell mold in the walls. There’s no leaks,” Murray said.

The city says they can’t comment on Murray’s file, but remind her to check her meter every three months.

She said she checks her meter almost daily and has again seen no changes.

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