Calgary election 2017: Global News declares Naheed Nenshi mayor

Global News has declared Naheed Nenshi as winner of the mayoral race in this year’s election. He will enter his third consecutive term as mayor of Calgary.

Below is the full list of mayoral candidates.

Jason (Jason GoGo) Achtymichuk

Jason Achtymichuk is an artist living in Calgary.

Achtymichuk’s website

Achtymichuk’s Twitter account

Andre Chabot

Andre Chabot is no stranger to Calgary City Council, having been elected to represent Ward 10 in 2005. Now, he’s aiming to use his 12 years of experience to try to change the way tax dollars are spent and strengthen the economy.

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Chabot’s website

Chabot’s Facebook page

Chabot’s Twitter account

LISTEN: Andre Chabot on his campaign leading up to the 2017 Calgary election

Brent Chisholm

Brent Chisholm has worked in the oil fields and owns his own limousine company. In his run to become the city’s next mayor, he’s focusing on council accountability and abolishing the pension plan for councillors and the mayor.

Emile Gabriel

Dr. Emile Gabriel has two platforms in his run for mayor. The first focuses on issues like introducing term limits and stricter guidelines around spending. The second focuses on long-term plans like streamlining the city hall process, along with infrastructure improvements.

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Gabriel’s website

Gabriel’s Facebook page

Gabriel’s Twitter account

Larry Heather

Larry Heather is a website designer and the host of the Gospel Road radio program. He’s made several runs for Calgary City Council. In his run for mayor, he’s focusing on several issues, including cutting city staffing and reversing the renaming of the Langevin Bridge to Reconciliation Bridge.

Heather’s website

Heather’s Facebook page

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David Lapp

David Lapp is an active volunteer, offering his time to causes like helping with ESL and GED courses to church summer camps.

Lapp’s website

Lapp’s Facebook page

Naheed Nenshi (Incumbent)

Naheed Nenshi has served two terms in the mayor’s seat, after being elected as Calgary’s 36th mayor in 2010. He was re-elected for his second term in 2013. In his bid to lead Calgary for a third time, Nenshi is focusing on continuing the work he’s done in the city over the past seven years.

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Nenshi’s website

Nenshi’s Facebook page

Nenshi’s Twitter account

LISTEN: Naheed Nenshi on how he’s feeling about his campaign heading into the 2017 Calgary election

Curtis Olson

Curtis Olson joined the Calgary Police Service in 1999 and coaches youth soccer and basketball. If elected as mayor, Olson would focus on calling for a cut to the city’s operating budget.

Olson’s website

Olson’s Facebook page

Olson’s Twitter account 

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LISTEN: Curtis Olson on his plan to help the Calgary Housing Company and his campaign heading into the 2017 Calgary election

Bill Smith

Bill Smith is a lawyer with 20 years of volunteer experience in politics. If elected as mayor, Smith would focus on controlling costs, improving safety in communities and creating more collaborative leadership.

Smith’s website

Smith’s Facebook page

Smith’s Twitter account

LISTEN: Bill Smith on his campaign leading up to the 2017 Calgary election

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Stan the Man Waciak

Candidate profile information not available

Waciak’s website