BC Green Party to re-introduce ride-sharing legislation

Click to play video: 'Green Party Leader Weaver wants to hit the gas on ride-sharing services for BC' Green Party Leader Weaver wants to hit the gas on ride-sharing services for BC
Andrew Weaver will make a third attempt to introduce legislation to bring Uber to B.C., one of the last hold-outs for the ride-sharing service in North America. As Tanya Beja reports, the taxi industry won’t oppose the plan but wants changes made – Aug 21, 2017

Vancouver may soon be ending its reputation as one of the last major North American cities holding out against ride-sharing companies like Uber.

BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver said he will be re-introducing ride-sharing legislation, amid concerns from the taxi industry and heel-dragging from both both major parties.

“In the last election campaign, you will have seen that both the BC Liberals grudgingly and even more grudgingly the BC NDP, both said they would enable ride-sharing by Christmas of this year. I think they need to be pushed in that direction.” Weaver said.

However, he believes this legislation will have Premier John Horgan’s support.

“Well, we have spoken, I’m meeting Mr. Horgan again today. I’ve told him that I will be bringing this in in October, and he’s supportive. You know, the reality is what matters is not what was in the particular election campaigns, but what was in the CASA agreement, the Confidence and Supply Agreement.”

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Weaver also says it’s not enough for major parties to embrace ride-sharing, they have to ensure it happens.

All three major political parties included ride-sharing in their campaigns ahead of this year’s election. Premier John Horgan identified it as a priority for Transportation Minister Claire Trevena in her mandate letter.

Weaver said if B.C. wants to be seen as a leader in technical innovation, it’s going to have to embrace 21s-century industries like ride-sharing.

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In a statement Uber Canada spokesperson Susie Heath said the company is pleased with Monday’s announcement.

“We are pleased to see positive action from the BC Green Party today that will benefit British Columbians, and we encourage all parties to follow through on their election commitments to work together and make ride-sharing a reality in 2017.”

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