Couple seeking damages after woman delivers 13-pound baby naturally

A file photo of a baby's arm. Getty Images

A Quebec woman who says she and her son were injured when she delivered a 13-pound baby naturally is seeking damages.

Court documents filed on behalf of Anik Bourbeau and Pascal Lessard claim the doctors failed to evaluate the size of the baby and recommend a caesarean section before she gave birth in 2010.

The couple is asking for $1.4 million in damages from the defendants, who include five of Bourbeau’s doctors and a hospital in Shawinigan, Que.

Documents filed by the parents’ lawyers say their son was born with one of his arms permanently paralyzed and that the mother suffered significant tearing.

The documents allege the medical professionals did not recommend a C-section despite the fact Bourbeau had expressed willingness to have one and despite her medical history, which included a difficult pregnancy in the past.

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None of the claims have been tested in court and law firm representing the defendants declined to comment.

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