Saskatoon Cycles wants biking allowed on some city sidewalks

Saskatoon Cycles wants the city’s bike bylaw changed to allowing cycling on some city sidewalks. Brice Perkins / Global News

Saskatoon Cycles is asking for changes to be made to the city’s bike bylaw.

A representative from the group presented a review of the bylaw to a city committee on Tuesday.

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Among the recommendations is removing a blanket restriction on cycling on sidewalks.

Riding on sidewalks is illegal except on bridges and overpass bridges.

The group says it’s not practical to bike on certain roads or during some seasons.

Ben Ralston with Saskatoon Cycles acknowledges some of the proposals may seem controversial.

“I don’t think any of our members are asking for cyclists on every sidewalk in the city or asking to be on the sidewalks either,” Ralston said.

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“It’s just really a case of whether a blanket ban with fines attached is the appropriate way to deal with this.”

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The fine for cycling on a sidewalk is $50.

The committee referred the matter to city administration.

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