Edmonton election 2017: Tell us which issues matter to you

Edmonton Election 2017 Panel Discussion: Oct. 5
WATCH ABOVE: There's a record number of candidates running in this municipal election, including 13 people vying to become mayor of Edmonton on Oct. 16, 2017. On Oct. 5, 2017, Carole Anne Devaney moderated a panel discussion on the upcoming vote.

Global News is ramping up its coverage of civic issues in the lead-up to the municipal election on Oct. 16.

Which issues matter most to you?

We know people are talking about infill and lot-splitting.

It’s clear there’s a difference of opinion when it comes to bike lanes.

And Edmontonians always have plenty to say about traffic congestion.

Fill in the form below to share your top concerns and burning questions. We’ll take them to the candidates and get the answers you need.

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